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  • Evidence presented orally and under oath by witnesses during trials or other court proceedings.


  • The official record of the testimony adduced in a trial or hearing.

Transfer Case

  • Petitions are issued by the prosecutor in the county where the offenses occurred. But a case may be transferred to the Family Court in the county where the juvenile lives for adjudication and disposition, with the consent of both counties' courts. The county-of-residence is responsible for monitoring and rehabilitating their youth.

Truth in Sentencing

  • Legislation requiring offenders to serve their entire minimum sentence without reduction for good behavior. These prisoners may also have their minimum sentence extended for "bad behavior" while in prison. These prisoners are not eligible for placement in a corrections center or on electronic monitoring ("tether"). The law went into effect 12/15/1998.

Turner Hearing

  • Based on People v Turner, 390 Mich 7 (1973), a hearing to determine whether a defendant was entrapped by law enforcement officials into committing an offense.