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Joyriding (Unlawful Use of an Automobile)  [MCL 750.414]

  • Taking or using an automobile without authority, without the intent to steal (or being a party to such unauthorized taking or using). Unlike UDAA, Joyriding does not require proof of an intent to steal.
  • Penalty: High Court Misdemeanor -- up to 2 years or $1,000.


  • Government official with authority to decide lawsuits brought before courts.


  • The power of the court to decide a case before it, which depends on the type of case and how closely connected the parties are to the county where the court is located. [See also venue.]


  • Persons selected according to law and sworn to inquire into and declare a verdict on matters of fact.


  • A youth under the age of 17.

Juvenile Court

  • Until January 1, 1998, Juvenile Court was a division of the Probate Court, and was responsible for all juvenile delinquency offenses. After January 1, 1998, these cases are prosecuted in the Family Division of Circuit Court.