Property Alert

The Berrien County Register of Deeds Office is pleased to provide this FREE service to property owners.  

Property Alert is an email notification service alerting subscribers each time a new document is recorded in Berrien County matching the subscriber’s name or entity. Daily recordings are compared with select criteria entered by the subscriber. The subscription is self-monitored and the subscriber may update or cancel at any time.

Unfortunately, the threat of mortgage deception and identity theft crime continues to rise. All too often victims of these types of harmful actions are unaware the activity is happening. To help combat potential fraud stemming from identity theft or other various means, the Berrien County Register of Deeds Office is offering this FREE email notification services for documents recorded in this office.

While Property Alert cannot prevent fraud from happening, it proactively provides an early warning empowering the subscriber to take immediate action if fraudulent activity is suspected or detected.

 Be Informed…Be Alert…Be Notified!

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If an Alert is Received

When a newly recorded document within the county matches select criteria identified in a subscription, an alert is sent to the email address associated with that subscription. The subscriber should expect that notification to include:

  • The document number with a link to view the official record
  • The date the document was recorded
  • The criteria that was matched
  • A phone number to contact the county for questions about the document, 269.983.7111, ext. 8562

Things to Know

It is important to note that this service does not prevent fraudulent activity from occurring. However, Property Alert is a proactive approach that empowers property owners to take immediate action regarding suspicious activity.

Alerts are emailed based upon an exact criteria match. If the subscriber has a common name, each document recorded and indexed within the county on which that name is identified will be noticed to the subscriber. Individuals with common names are more likely to receive “false alarms” than individuals with uncommon names. If the subscriber has been known by more than one name, has changed names in the past, or may in the future, the subscriber may want to consider configuring subscription criteria accordingly.

Note:  This service is intended as an informational aid ONLY and should not be considered a substitute for manually reviewing one’s property records. Errors and omissions may occur and it is advisable to periodically review your property records even if you have received no alert notifications.