Internship Opportunities

The Berrien County Health Department (BCHD) welcomes applications for internship experiences across a wide variety of public health concentrations. Interns at BCHD will gain hands-on, real-work experiences that will build their knowledge and skills. Interns from a variety of disciplines are encouraged to apply. 

About BCHD

BCHD aims to improve the health of the community within Berrien County through health promotion, environmental health protection, public health preparedness, community-oriented health services, and community-based public health assessment practices. 

BCHD Programs

Clinical & Community Health Services - The Berrien County Health Department offers clinical and community health programs and services at all of its three locations in Benton Harbor, Niles, and Three Oaks. Services include health screenings, sexual health clinic, HIV services, immunizations, chronic and communicable disease control services, and WIC.

Community Health Initiatives - The Berrien County Health Department leads and participates in a variety of community health initiatives that focus on public health disparities and health issues. The Health Department supports innovative efforts to bring nutritious foods and safe physical activity opportunities to communities across Berrien County. 

Emergency Preparedness - Berrien County Health Department's Emergency Preparedness Program protects the public's health and safety by preparing for all types of emergencies such as natural disasters, disease outbreaks, and/or chemical spills.

Environmental Health - Berrien County Environmental Health provides prevention, surveillance, enforcement and technical consultation services relating to environmental health hazards.

Public Health Promotion & Substance Abuse Prevention - The mission of Public Health Promotion and Prevention is to delay, avert (prevent) and mitigate (manage, reduce) the use of the substances that lead to development of substance abuse and addiction disorders. The mission is accomplished by providing high quality prevention services to individual families and to the community at large.

Internship Application Process

Applications will be accepted and reviewed throughout the year. A general timeline of the application process can be found below. Applications must be submitted by the due date listed for the intended internship semester. Applicants who are selected for an interview will be contacted on or before the notification date listed. While internships typically start on the dates listed below, individual start dates can be negotiated based on the needs of the intern, BCHD, and program requirements. 

Application Due Date
Notification of Interviews
Internship Start Date
August 1st
August 15th
September 15th
December 15th
December 30th
January 30th
May 1stMay 15thJune 15

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