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There is a lot going on in Berrien County for veterans; VIBE is a new way to share that information with veterans, family members and our community.  

The VIBE Channel will provide veterans with updates about VA news, local events and resources, discounts, volunteer-recreation-employment opportunities and more.

For example, if an area employer inquires about hiring a veteran for a job opportunity or an American Legion Post is having a burger night, the Berrien County Veterans Service office has a way to share that information via text or email.

You can subscribe to Veterans in Berrien Engage (VIBE) by scanning the QR Code below or clicking here. Customize your experience by signing up for texts, automated calls, and/or emails. You can unsubscribe at any time. 

If technology is a barrier, you can call us at 269-983-7111 ext. 8224 and request your information be added to the channel.

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Want to know what is going on in the Berrien County Veteran community? 


  1. Maureen Adams

    Phone: 269-983-7111, ext. 8150

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