2021 - Bridgman/Lake Twp Flooding and Power Outage


August 10, 2021 - August 20, 2021, The County saw a rainfall event that was really extreme. Estimate rainfall amounts in the Bridgman area were around 7.5 inches in the overnight hours. A survey of flood damage revealed severe damage to an electrical substation that resulted in widespread power outages for several days. The Emergency Operations Center was activated to manage damage assessment operations and to support the operations of cooling centers. High temperatures were expected to be impacting the area with heat index in excess of 100 degrees. 

The Equalization Department was tasked with conducting a rapid damage assessment. A total of 108 structures suffered varying degrees of flood damage, mainly from water as high as four feet into basements. 5 homes suffered major damage and were uninhabitable due to extensive water damage, or in one case, a collapse of a basement wall. Five to as much as eight inches of rain fell in this area. Estimated damage to property was about 1.343 million dollars. The incident did not meet thresholds to support requests for reimbursement funding. A local state of emergency was not declared for this incident. 



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