This information is not intended to be legal advice, but a brief explanation of the basic procedure that is required.  Probate Court personnel cannot give legal advice about your particular situation or complete your forms for you. You are not required to have an attorney; however, the Court cannot act as your attorney. If you do not understand process or have questions on what to do, you will need to obtain other assistance.

A conservator is a person who is given authority by the Court to be responsible for the assets (called an estate) of a minor (aged 17 or younger) or an adult.

Adult Conservatorship

When a minor owns money or property that requires management or protection, the Court may appoint a Conservator for the minor.More on Adult Conservatorships Icon Opens in new window

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Minor Conservatorship

When an adult becomes unable to make responsible decisions and/or manage his or her own property or finances, the Court may appoint a conservator for that adult.

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