Emergency Operations Center

Emergency Operations Center Room 4

The Emergency Operations Center (EOC), is a physical location in which a team will come together to manage a disaster or emergency that has exhausted, or likely would exhaust local responders. The team has been developed with the intent of providing emergency services to the whole community. The activation of the EOC is the first step in implementing the Berrien County Emergency Operations Plan and making an assessment of the need to declare a local state of emergency.

The EOC will also be a conduit for information to the State of Michigan and the State EOC if it is activated. The EOC will assist local first responders to understand the implementation of the Emergency Operations Plan, help them set incident objectives, warn the public, ensure communications systems are working, obtain resources, and officially close roadways where needed (to name a few duties).

The member agencies of the EOC are from a diverse set of federal, state, county, and local government organizations, as well as non-profit and volunteer agencies.

The main areas in which the group focuses upon include the following:

  • Direction and Control of Disaster Relief Forces
  • Emergency Communications Systems
  • Public Information and Warning
  • Police Services (and Animal Control)
  • Fire Services
  • Emergency Medical Services
  • Engineering (Roads, Public Works, Structures, etc.)
  • Environmental Health (and Radiation Protection if radiation is a hazard for that emergency)
  • Clinical Health Services
  • Hospital Services
  • Social and Human Services (Mental Health, Aging Persons Assistance, Child Protection, Vulnerable Adult Protection, etc.)
  • Schools 
  • Mass Transportation
  • Mass Care and Housing (Shelter Services)