Submit a Storm Report

The Emergency Management Office works cooperatively with the National Weather Service (Northern Indiana Forecast Office) to share local storm reports.  We encourage the public to submit storm reports using the following methods.  

 How to Report

Please be sure to include (T.E.L.):

- The time the event occurred

- The type of event it is (Hail, Wind Damage, Snow Levels etc.)

- The location of the weather event (e.g. 5 miles northwest of Saint Joseph).

You may also indicate if you are a trained spotter, a ham radio operator, a member of law enforcement, or other affiliation if applicable.


Post information on the NWS Facebook page:



Send a tweet: 

Use #BerrienWX when possible




Send an email: 

[email protected]

[email protected]


Mobile App

Send reports from your location via a smartphone app: MPing 


How to view Reports

You may look at the reports of other users at: the NWS IWX webpage.

If there is damage related to a Disaster:

Report disaster related damage here.