It isn’t safe to use marijuana while pregnant or breastfeeding.People say that marijuana helps increase appetite and reduce nausea, so you may think marijuana could help with morning sickness or other uncomfortable aspects of pregnancy. But that isn’t actually the case. We hope you will keep the following points outlined in the ACOG Marijuana and Pregnancy fact sheet in mind when thinking about using marijuana while breastfeeding or pregnant.  

pot affects babiesThere are safer ways to manage pregnancy discomforts.
If you have morning sickness, stress, pain, and nausea, talk to your provider about alternatives to marijuana that do not put you and your fetus at risk.

The chemical in marijuana that makes you feel high can transfer to your fetus. 
THC can be passed to your fetus while pregnant and to your baby through breast milk. Pumping and dumping does not work with breast milk because THC (tetrahydrocannabinol, the chemical in marijuana that makes you feel high) can remain in breast milk for an extended time. There is a risk of your baby being born prematurely, at a low birth-weight, or stillborn. Babies exposed to THC can have problems with feeding, paying attention, learning, and developing on track. You may not see some effects until your child is older.

Smoking and storing marijuana in the home has risks.
To protect your children, avoid exposing them to secondhand smoke, use a lock box, and wash your hands and change clothes after smoking.

Marijuana can affect your ability to protect your baby.
Marijuana can impair your judgment, alertness, and reaction time. You need these skills to tend to your baby’s needs and to drive safely.