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In crisis? Text HAND to 741741

The Van Buren Community Health Committee is promoting free access to crisis support through Crisis Text Line in Van Buren, Berrien, and Cass Counties and requests your participation. Each year over 65 million Americans suffer from mental illness. They quietly struggle with depression, anxiety, eating disorders, bullying, suicidal thoughts and more. The rates of youth and adults who are experiencing a mental health condition continue to rise and many still report an unmet need. While there are resources available in the area and hotlines to address specific mental health concerns, there are still many barriers to mental health care. In response, the Van Buren Community Health Committee (VBCHC) is promoting a beautifully simple solution and requests your participation. Together, we promote access to effective and secure crisis counseling via a medium people already use and trust: text. 

Crisis Text Line is private, familiar, and accessible. Through Crisis Text Line, our community has free access to support at their fingertips, 24/7. Individuals text "HAND" to 741741 to be connected with a live, trained Crisis Counselor. The Crisis Text Line is available for people of all ages who are in a state of crisis, typically experienced as an event or situation that challenges their ability to cope. Crisis interventions offer in-the-moment support of active crisis situations. Learn more about Crisis Text Line at or watch the 10-minute inspiring TED Talk about how Crisis Text Line came to be and its power to save lives ( 

resources to print

Mental Health & Crisis Text Line: Quick Facts (PDF)

Invitation to Participate in Crisis Text Line (PDF)

Crisis Text Line tear off sheet (PDF)

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