Silver Beach Rental FAQs

Frequently asked questions about having AN event at silver beach county park

Can I serve alcohol at my event?

No - Alcohol is prohibited at all Berrien County Parks.

is electricity available at the dunes pavilion and shadowland pavilion?

Electricity is available at both the Shadowland and Dunes Pavilions. Sound systems, speakers, cords, etc. are not provided by the Parks Department and must be coordinated by the applicant.

are weddings allowed on the sand at silver beach county park?

Weddings are allowed “on the sand” at Silver Beach, however you MAY NOT reserve any area on the sand. You MAY NOT have a chair company to set up chairs, arbors or other decorations in the sand and “reserve” public space. You may bring your own chairs for your ceremony. Public use of the beach cannot be restricted during the wedding.

if the wedding party arrives in a limo or bus, does the driver have to pay the parking fee?

Buses and Limos bringing a wedding party or wedding guests may enter the Park free of charge for guest and supply drop-off and pick-up. Vendors must identify themselves to the Ranger at the entrance gate upon arriving.

can we light and release sky lanterns?

“Sky Lanterns” are not allowed at Silver Beach County Park. It is unlawful for any person to use, ignite, or discharge an unmanned free-floating device.

can I throw rice or lay down rose petals at my wedding?

NO LITTER - Throwing rice, rose petals, glitter or any other “litter” is prohibited and subject to penalties under Berrien County Ordinance #8.

can we have music or amplified sound at our event?

Music or amplified sound is allowed, however the sound must be contained to the event area only. Park Staff reserves the right to turn the volume down or off.

can we use grills during our event at the pavilion?

A permanent charcoal grill is provided at each Pavilion for use by renters. The additional use of portable grills under the Pavilion or on cement walkways MUST be authorized in advance by the Park Manager. Hot Coal Disposal bins are provided for disposing of coals after they have cooled.  


Decorations are allowed, but no decorations can be adhered to the pavilion structure in a way that will puncture or damage the structure. Chairs, decorations, and other supplies must be coordinated by the applicant. Park Staff does not provide event set-up or take-down services. All set-up and take-down of chairs, decorations, and other supplies must be coordinated by the applicant.


NO STAKING – Due to underground cables/wiring, staking tents, horseshoe posts or other items in the ground on the Pavilion grass or sand area is NOT allowed. See next question for further detail.

can we use inflatable items, bounce houses, pop-ups, tents, etc?

The use of tents, popups,inflatable items and other miscellaneous free standing entities is prohibited unless pre-approved by the Parks Commission staff and may require a Certificate of Insurance.  The County Parks Director or his/her designee, reserves the right to cancel or terminate events and activities on County properties if necessary to safeguard persons or property. 

Absolutely no staking into the ground or sand at the Park is allowed. 

are cancellations and refunds allowed?

Reservations canceled at least 30 days or more prior to reservation date shall receive a refund equal to 50% of the reservation fee paid. Cancellations within 30 days of the reservation date are not eligible for a refund. 

are rain checks allowed?

Rain checks are generally not issued except under severe or extreme weather conditions.