Reduce Reuse Recycle Day

-* * this event has been canceled * *

Below is a list of items that were going to be accepted for reuse and recycling at this event and where the items were g-oing to go after the collection event. Many of the items are accepted at local places all year long. PLEASE consider taking your items directly to these drop off points. You are encouraged to call ahead to ensure the company and service is open.  

accepted items:

DOCUMENTS FOR SHREDDING: Kent Record Management, 1994 Plaza Dr., Benton Harbor, 269-926-4100.

ELECTRONICS: Green Earth Electronics Recycling, 4200 Niles Rd., St. Joseph, 269-326-1232,

BOOKS & SHOES: Goodwill of Southwest Michigan, Take books and shoes to Goodwill, 1550 Mall Dr., Benton Harbor any time of the year. The drop-off station is open during their regular business hours on the backside of the building.

BICYCLES: Cycle-Re-Cycle, Bicycles can be taken to Cycle-Re-Cycle, 159 E. Napier Ave., Benton Harbor, across from Fairplain Middle School. C-R-C is usually open Wednesday from 5 p.m. - 8 p.m. and Saturdays from 10 a.m. - 2 p.m., but will be closed at least until early April because of the coronavirus situation. Refer to the C-R-C Facebook page for updated information about shop hours or call 269-252-5040. Do not leave bicycles outside the shop if the shop is closed. 

PLASTIC GROCERY BAGS: Martins Supermarket, St. Joseph. Many grocery stores and retail stores throughout the County accept plastic grocery bags for recycling. Don’t hang on to them all year long. Reuse plastic bags and/or recycle them at your local store throughout the year.

MAGAZINES: Republic Services, 7227 Reliable Path, Stevensville, 800-677-1083. The Stevensville recycling drop off center is open to residents. Also check with your curbside or other area drop off recycling programs to see if magazines are accepted.

AMERICAN FLAGS: Boy Scout Troop 624 was going to accepted and respectfully retire the collected American flags. Check with your local Boy Scout Troop, or click on American Flag Drop Locations for options. 

EYE GLASSES: local Lions Clubs accept eye glasses. Find eye glasses drop boxes at many banks, stores, funeral homes, etc. around your town.  No need to hang on to those old eye glasses until a special collection event.

FOAM / POLYSTYRENE: Tri-Power Recycling, was going to accept the foam for recycling at this event. See other Berrien County Recycling Events where foam will be accepted.

HOUSEHOLD CHEMICALS: 5 other Berrien County Recycling Events are scheduled for 2020 that will accepted household chemicals from Berrien County residents.