Road Abandonment

  1. Adjacent property owner prepare a detailed description of the portion of roadway to be abandoned.
  2. The Petition (PDF) to abandon a portion of roadway and the certification of the owners and occupants names and addresses of each parcel of land abutting the portion of the roadway proposed to be abandoned must be received at the Road Department. If the petition contains the signatures of all adjacent owners and occupants, a public hearing is not necessary, however the petition must contain the name and address of at least seven (7) freeholders (property tax payers) residing in the township. After the Road Department receives the petition and certification, the Road Department will contact the Township Board for comments regarding the proposed abandonment prior to acting on the petition.
  3. The names and addresses of all property owners are certified throughout the county tax description office for validity and completeness.
  4. The petition is then acted on by the Road Department Board (and subsequently approved or disapproved). The Road Department will not approved a petition for abandonment if any property results in being landlocked or if it leads to a body of water.
  5. If approved, a resolution is registered with the Berrien County Register of Deed's office.