Traffic Control Devices are used to safely guide and instruct the motorist as they travel down the roadway. These devices include things such as traffic signs, traffic signals and pavement markings. Traffic Control Device placements are the result of an engineering study conducted by the Road Department. The Berrien County Road Department is required by law to use the MMUTCD or Michigan Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (PDF).

Traffic Signs

The Berrien County Road Department maintains over 14,000 roads signs along county roads. Every effort is made to insure that our road signs meet these five criteria:

  1. Fulfill a need
  2. Command attention
  3. Convey a clear, simple meaning
  4. Command respect from road users
  5. Give adequate time for proper response

For more information, please view our Sign Policy (PDF).

Traffic Signals

The Berrien County Road Department maintains and operates 14 traffic signals as well as 11 four-way flashers in Berrien County. View the traffic signal map (PDF). All of our signals are actuated, which means there are either sensors in the pavement or cameras mounted on poles that detect the presence of a vehicle. These detectors help a traffic signal work more efficiently by only stopping traffic if needed. 

Note: if your vehicle is too far away from the painted white stop line you may not be detected. Our video cameras do not record video.

If you have questions or comments regarding traffic signs or signals, please call our traffic department and our staff will assist you. The traffic department can also be reached via email.