Mailbox Policy

As of June 1, 2014 the Road Department will no longer reimburse for mailboxes damaged during snow plowing operations

For more information, please view our Damaged Mailbox Policy (PDF).

Mailboxes & Newspaper Delivery Boxes within County Road Right of Way

  • Mailboxes shall be allowed within the right of way according to Right of Way Policy OP-14 
  • Mailboxes must be installed as specified by the U.S. Postal Service. 
  • Mailboxes constructed in the right of way deemed to be a hazard to normal Road Department activity or the traveling public may be removed by the Berrien County Road Department.

For information about mailbox installation, please click here


Any mailbox that is found to violate policy OP-14 shall be removed by the owner upon notification.  At the discretion of the Berrien County Road Department and based on an assessment of hazard to the public, the owner will be granted not less than 24 hours nor more than 30 days to remove an unacceptable installation.  If not removed within the specified time, the mailbox will be removed by Berrien County Road Department at the owner’s expense as provided by Act 368, Public Acts of 1925, as amended.

Non-conforming brick and/or reinforced decorative mailboxes are allowed on residential roads with a speed limit of 25 miles per hour unless the Road Department determines, by majority vote, that the specific mailbox poses a safety risk or impediment to road maintenance activities.