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Sorry, registration for the 2018 CERT Academy which will begin
OCT 16, 2018 is closed.  The class is full.

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CERT begins with a basic concept - individuals can learn basic skills to protect themselves and their families in the early stages of a complex disaster.  They then may be positioned well to begin helping their neighbors and expanding throughout their neighborhoods.

Our Professional First Responders do a great job each day to protect us and respond to emergencies when we call.  In disaster situations, their response may be delayed by obstacles despite wanting to get everywhere they are needed quickly.  CERT members can help within their neighborhoods while responders clear the way to get to those in need.  CERT members learn to become true First Responders.

Our CERT academy is instructed by experienced trainers provided by the Berrien County Fire Fighters Training Council and Emergency Management.  It consists of 24 hours of instruction (usually 2 to 3 hours a week for 8 weeks) and covers basic first aid, incident command, light search and rescue, terrorism, fire safety, and more.

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