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Get alerts when an emergency alert is issued near your home, work, or other locations you are interested in.

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Get many options to choose what types of alerts to receive.  Choose quiet hours to avoid interruptions.  Get alerts you want and at times you want them.

B-WARN! ALERT Program Overview

This is an Opt-IN Mass Notification service that allows us to send out alert messages to you. 

Receive messages by entering your contact information and subscribe to automated notifications you want based on locations you are interested in. 

This system is not a news system.  We do not deliver messages based upon our day-to-day operations.  In general, this system is not designated as a system to report arrest information or other information that is not directly connected to public safety of significant concern.  If you are looking for news releases, sign up using the "Notify Me" page of our site.


You get control over the types of alerts you get, when you get them, and for what locations.  We also have a form built in to allow you to communicate issues that may affect your ability to take protective actions.

Types of alerts

Alerts will be sent when responders at an emergency request us to put out instructions to the public to take certain protective actions.  An alert will not be necessary for every emergency.  It is at the discretion of the incidents assigned commander to request an alert.

Register Disaster Needs

Within the system you can communicate to us if there are needs that you know about that may impede evacuation or sheltering-in-place protections at the locations you entered.  With your consent, the information would be stored within the system, used for emergency planning purposes, and shared with our Health and Human Service partners during an emergency to get the help that may be needed to those signed up. 


Learn more about the program as you sign up.

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Sign Up Page

The sign up page is located at: https://member.everbridge.net/index/892807736721604

Editing Profiles

Occasionallyusers will sign up for many notifications that end up being inconvenient to their situation. A common example is when "over-warning" occurs, especially during sleeping times. When signing up, we recommend asking, "What alerts do I want to be awaken for because I need to take action to protect my life?" Sign up for those alerts (i.e. Tornado Warning, etc.). If you want to receive other alerts that you do not need to be awaken for, you can set up a second account with those alerts selected, and choose contact paths will not wake you up, or set the do not disturb timeframes built into the system. If you would like to change your settings, use the sign up page link above to log in to your account. If you need a little extra help, contact us and we are happy to walk you through settings in your profile.  We want you to be happy with the service, but also have the ability to be alerted in an emergency.

Printable Brochure

Find a brochure you can print and post to let your friends know about the program by clicking here.