Military Discharges (DD214’s)

To register a Military Discharge/DD214:

For a military veteran residing in Berrien County, it is recommended that you register your military discharge (DD214) with our office for safekeeping. This document is very important to the veteran and is usually needed for veteran’s benefits.

Bring in your original discharge form DD214 with your current state ID. Our office will put it on file free of charge. Our office will always retain a copy should you, your spouse or immediate family member (if veteran is deceased) need it. The veteran will receive one free certified copy of the DD214 at the time it is registered.

According to MCL 35.61, a “veteran” is defined as one who was discharged under honorable conditions”.

To obtain a copy of a Military Discharge/DD214 that was registered with our office:

Printable Military Discharge Request Form (PDF)

Military discharges are confidential and are not allowed to be viewed by the public. Only an eligible person can receive a copy of a DD214:

  • Veteran
  • Heir (documentation required)
  • Veteran’s service officer

If the veteran is deceased, an heir can obtain a copy of the military discharge by presenting a copy of the death certificate and proof of relationship to the veteran (birth certificate, marriage license) and a valid state ID.

Veteran requesting in person:

Fill out the Military Discharge Request form and provide your valid driver’s license or state ID. You will be issued a free certified copy.

Veteran Requesting by mail:

You must print, complete, and mail in the Request Form listed above. Please do not forget to sign the form and include a copy of your current driver’s license or state ID. Also, please include a pre-stamped self-addressed envelope for us to return your DD214 in. It will be sent by regular mail.

Mail the form to:

Berrien County Clerk’s Office
701 Main Street
St. Joseph, Michigan 49085