Jury Summons

If you have received a jury summons you have been selected for service as a juror with the Berrien County Trial Court. You have already been assigned to a week of service as shown on the summons.

Please complete and return the questionnaire portion (lower portion) of this document and return as soon as possible. Hold on to the summons as all pertinent information and instructions required for jury service are on the form or included in the instructions on the reverse side.

When your week of service arrives, please follow the instructions on the reverse side of your summons. It is important that you call in every night of your assigned week to see if you are needed the following day.

Jury Hotline

In the event of an emergency or severe weather, please call the jury hotline - if there is a cancellation or change the hotline will be updated immediately.

  • Phone: 269-982-0392
  • Toll Free: 888-323-5879