Adult Adoptions

Instructions to open an Adult Adoption File

The adoption specialist is not an attorney and can’t assist with any legal advice.

Adoptee must be 18 years of age or older.

  • Petition for Adoption (PCA 301 (PDF)
  • Certified Birth Certificate of Adoptee and copies of the birth certificates of petitioners
  • Petitioners Verified Accounting Form (PCA 347 (PDF)
  • Final Order allowing Fees and Costs (PCA 341 (PDF)
  • Final Adoption Order (PCA 321 (PDF)
  • Consent to Adoption by Adoptee (PCA 307 (PDF)
  • Adult Questionnaire (PDF)
  • Marriage License of adoptee if applicable (copy)
  • Marriage License of petitioners if applicable (copy)
  • Death Certificate if applicable
  • Copies of all pages of divorce judgments of all previous marriages for both petitioners
  • If adoptee’s name has been changed, a copy of the court order changing the name
  • Need to have a copy of driver’s license and other ID from all participants


Cost for the filing fee is $236.

This breaks down to:

  • $175 – Filing Fee
  • $11 – Certified Order of Adoption
  • $50 – Interview by Adoption Specialist

Your check or money order made out to Berrien County Probate Court.

The Adult Adoption Process

Adoption Specialist must conduct an informal interview with the interested parties and submit the report to the Judge for review.

No termination of parental rights is necessary, but the birth parent(s) must be notified of the hearing and proof of service filed with the Adoption Specialist. Must be sent certified mail a letter explaining why the adoptee wants to become adopted, Notice of Hearing and Proof of Service.

Adoption that is final on the day of the hearing.

Adult Adoptee must sign his/her consent in the presence of the Judge.

For the hearing we will need one week in advance:

Proof of Notice of hearing, copy of the letter, Proof of service to the Birth Parent(s) done by Certified Mail.

Drafted consent by the Adoptee, Final Order Allowing Fees and Costs, Order of Adoption, Record of Adoption and check or a money order for the new birth record and if the adoptee was born in Michigan - $50 “The State of Michigan”.

Final Steps

After the hearing, the Adoption Specialist will mail the certified copy of the Order of Adoption to the adoptee along with any true copies. The Adoption Specialist will send to Vital Records the Adoption Record, fee, and Order of Adoption for a new birth certificate.

Need the following to obtain the new Social Security Card and that is done by the petitioner if there is a name change:

  • Certified Order of Adoption
  • New Birth Certificate