Board of Commissioners Resolutions

Number Title Status Date View
P1705161 Update ADM-1100 "Nepotism" Policy Proposed 05/25/2017
P1705203 Clean Sweep Program Partnership Proposed 05/25/2017
P1705204 Amend Ordinance #8 - Parks & Recreation Proposed 05/25/2017
A1705202 Express Support for Senate Bill/House Bill 911 Funding Proposed 05/25/2017
F1705207 Treasurer Delinquent Tax Revolving Fund Proposed 05/25/2017
B1705206 Support Efforts to Rid Spotted Wing Drosophila Proposed 05/25/2017
B1705078 Requisition Approval Proposed 05/25/2017
F1705031 Weekly Bills Proposed 05/25/2017
F1705028 Weekly Bills Adopted 05/04/2017
B1705075 Requisitions Adopted 05/04/2017
P1705192 Higgins Property Donation Amendment Adopted 05/04/2017
F1705190 Approve Project Authorization P1 Section 5311 Revised Funding Adopted 05/04/2017
F1705191 Berrien Bus Drug/Alcohol Policy Renewal Adopted 05/04/2017
F1705192 Schwark Drain Full Faith & Credit Drain Note Adopted 05/11/2017
F1705193 Schwark Drain Full Faith & Credit Refund Bonds Adopted 05/11/2017
P1705194 Scrap Tire Recycling Grant Adopted 05/11/2017
A1705195 Amend Core Technology Agreement Adopted 05/11/2017
F1705197 Berrien Bus Service Contract Area Agency on Aging Adopted 05/11/2017
F1705029 Bills Adopted 05/11/2017
B1705076 Requisitions Adopted 05/11/2017
P1705005 Monthly Per Diems Adopted 05/18/2017
P1705175 Approve WMU Medical School Autopsy Contract Adopted 05/18/2017
B1705196 Strategic Planning Conclusions and Goals Declaration Adopted 05/18/2017
A1705198 Approve Amended New Buffalo Police Services Agreement Adopted 05/18/2017
A1705199 Approve Police Services Agreement with Buchanan Twp for Redbud Adopted 05/18/2017
B1705077 Requisitions Adopted 05/18/2017
F1705030 Bills Adopted 05/18/2017

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