Board of Commissioners Resolutions

Number Title Status Date View
F1704158 Land Bank Blight Grant Amendment Adopted 04/06/2017
F1704157 Approve leased printer contract for Printing Adopted 04/06/2017
F1704155 Apply for funding for Election Equipment Adopted 04/06/2017
B1704071 Requisition Approval Adopted 04/06/2017
F1704024 Weekly Bills Adopted 04/06/2017
A1704169 Approve Road Commission Contract for S. Euclid Avenue Adopted 04/13/2017
A1704181 Accept Proposal for Holding Cell Modifications Adopted 04/13/2017
F1704025 Weekly Bills Adopted 04/13/2017
B1704072 Requisition Review Adopted 04/13/2017
F1704182 Drains and Conservation District Agreement for Services Adopted 04/20/2017
P1704178 CPBC Amendment #3 Adopted 04/20/2017
P1704177 Departmetn of Environmental Quality Contract Amendment I Adopted 04/20/2017
P1704176 Title X Community Outreach Grant Award Adopted 04/20/2017
F1704186 Approve Tax Equalized Valuations Adopted 04/20/2017
A1704185 Retiree Resolution Adopted 04/20/2017
P1704184 Double Up Food Bucks Contract 2017 Adopted 04/20/2017
P1704183 Add (1) FTE MI Advanced Assessing Officer in Equalization Adopted 04/20/2017
P1704180 Deputy Health Officer Job Description Change Adopted 04/20/2017
P1704179 Receptionist Job Description Change Adopted 04/20/2017
P1704174 Lakeland Health Nutrition Education Contract Adopted 04/20/2017
P1704004 Per Diems Adopted 04/20/2017
B1704073 Weekly Requisitions Adopted 04/20/2017
F1704026 Weekly Bills Adopted 04/20/2017

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