Board of Commissioners Resolutions

Number Title Status Date View
P1702126 Approve contract with Shadowland Ballroom for parking Adopted 02/02/2017
F1702125 Approve bond resolution for Village of Michiana water project Adopted 02/02/2017
B1702063 Weekly Requisition Review Adopted 02/02/2017
F1702016 Weekly Bills Adopted 02/02/2017
B1702064 Requisition Approval Week 2 Adopted 02/09/2017
F1702017 Weekly Bills Adopted 02/09/2017
F1702124 Resolution of Intent for FY18 Transportation Services Adopted 02/09/2017
P1702128 CPBC Amendment #2 Adopted 02/16/2017
P1702129 Heart of Cook Grant Application Adopted 02/16/2017
A1702131 Accept SMART 911 Grant Adopted 02/16/2017
F1702132 Approve Contract with Civic Plus for Redesign of Websites Adopted 02/16/2017
A1702134 Federal Equipment Grant Application Adopted 02/16/2017
A1702133 Marine Safety Grant Application Adopted 02/16/2017
A1702135 Approve lease agreement for motorcycles Adopted 02/16/2017
P1702136 Approve operating agreement with Historical Association Adopted 02/16/2017
B1702066 Requisitions Week 4 Adopted 02/23/2017
A1702141 Authorize Court Grant Application for Drug Court Adopted 02/23/2017
A1702140 Support grant for Benton Harbor Police Department Adopted 02/23/2017
F1702139 Authorize 2001 EDA Loan Payback Adopted 02/23/2017
A1702138 Contract with Family Empowerment for PLL Program Adopted 02/23/2017
A1702137 Contract with Family Empowerment for STAR Program Adopted 02/23/2017
F1702019 Approve Bills Week 4 Adopted 02/23/2017

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