Board of Commissioners Resolutions

Number Title Status Date View
P1706228 Express Opposition to SB76 & SB280 Proposed 06/15/2017
P170620 Ann Finn Consulting Contract with Health Department Adopted 06/01/2017
P1706201 MLive Marketing Contract with Health Department Adopted 06/01/2017
F1706205 Approve Millage Rates for Equalization Tax Report L4029 Adopted 06/01/2017
F1706208 Lease 275 New Computers Adopted 06/01/2017
A1706210 2016 Homeland Security Grant Agreement with Van Buren County Adopted 06/01/2017
A1706212 Approve Jail Intake Renovation Contract with Frederick Construction Adopted 06/01/2017
B1706079 Weekly Requisitions Adopted 06/01/2017
F1706032 Weekly Bills Adopted 06/01/2017
F1706211 Apply for a MSHDA Blight Elimination Grant Adopted 06/08/2017
F1706213 Approve Transportation Service Contract West Woods Adopted 06/08/2017
B1706080 Requisition Approval Adopted 06/08/2017
F1706033 Bill Approval Adopted 06/08/2017
P1706006 Per Diems Adopted 06/15/2017
F1706209 2-year Contract with Local Units for Tax Billing Adopted 06/15/2017
P1706214 Update Policy ADM-4115 Dental/Vision Reimbursement Adopted 06/15/2017
P1706215 Update Policy ADM-4120 - Life Insurance Adopted 06/15/2017
P1706216 Renew Intergovernmental Agreement SWMBA Adopted 06/15/2017
P1706217 CPBC Amendment #4 Adopted 06/15/2017
P1706218 CPBC Contract Agreement FY2017-2018 Adopted 06/15/2017
P1706219 Lakeland Health Foundation Grant Adopted 06/15/2017
A1706221 Accept Marine Division Grant Agreement Adopted 06/15/2017
A1706222 Submit FY2018 Swift & Sure Grant Application Adopted 06/15/2017
A1706223 Submit FY2018 Regional Mental Health Grant Application Adopted 06/15/2017
A1706224 Submit FY2018 Drug Court Grant Application Adopted 06/15/2017
F1706225 NPDES Letter of Agreement with Spicer Group Adopted 06/15/2017
P1706226 Opioid & Prescription Drug Coalition Grant Application Adopted 06/15/2017
B1706081 Requisition Approval Adopted 06/15/2017
F1706034 Bills Approval Adopted 06/15/2017
F1706238 St. Joe Commercial Rehab District Adopted 06/21/2017
B1706082 Requisitions Adopted 06/22/2017
F1706035 Bills Adopted 06/22/2017
P1706227 Contract Loss Prevention Services Provider Adopted 06/22/2017
P1706229 Approve List of Peer Group Members for Remonumentation Program Adopted 06/22/2017
P1706230 Approve List of Contractors for Remonumentation Program Adopted 06/22/2017
A1706231 Sharing GIS Data/911 Information with MSP Adopted 06/22/2017
A1706232 Approve MOA with State Integrating MSP Mobile Units Adopted 06/22/2017
F1706233 EDC Articles of Incorporation Amendment Adopted 06/22/2017
F1706234 Schwark Drain Note Payoff Full Faith & Credit Adopted 06/22/2017

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