Child Support

Income: Income for child support means the following:
  • Commissions, earnings, salaries, wages, and other income due or to be due in the future to an individual from his or her employer and successor employers.
  • A payment due or to be due in the future to an individual from a profit-sharing plan, a pension plan, an insurance contract, an annuity, social security, unemployment compensation, supplemental unemployment benefits, or worker's compensation.
  • An amount of money that is due to an individual as a debt of another individual, partnership, association, or private or public corporation, the United States or a federal agency, this state or a political subdivision of this state, another state or a political subdivision of another state, or another legal entity that is indebted to the individual.
Types of income include:
  1. Salaries and wages
  2. Cost of Living Allowance
  3. Shift Premium
  4. Overtime
  5. Second Job
  6. Commissions
  7. All Bonuses
  8. Profit Sharing
  9. Interest
  10. Dividends
  11. Annuities
  12. Pensions/Longevity
  13. Deferred Compensation/IRA
  14. Trust Fund Payments
  15. Unemployment Benefits
  16. Strike Pay
  17. Supplemental Unemployment Benefits
  18. Sick Benefits
  19. Worker's Comp.
  20. Social Security Retirement/Disability Benefits
  21. Veteran Admin. Benefits
  22. Disability Insurance
  23. G.I. Benefits
  24. National Guard and Reserves Drill Pay
  25. Armed Services - Base pay plus allowance for quarters, rations and specialty pay
  26. Dividends Earned from Life Insurance Policies
  27. Allowance for Rent
  28. Rental Income
  29. Alimony/Spousal Support
  30. Net Gambling Winnings
  31. Tax exempt income
  32. Insurance
  33. Adoption Subsidy.

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