Talk Sooner - Prescription Drug Abuse Prevention

Talk Early, Talk Often

Recent studies show that children in West and Southwest Michigan are misusing prescription drugs as early as age thirteen. Not only is it important, but it's far easier for parents to speak to their children about prescription drugs before they are exposed to future social pressures. We recommend starting the education as early as age ten. Talking early doesn't have to be difficult.

Research proves that children and teens whose parents are engaged and hands-on in their day-to-day lives are much less likely to misuse prescription drugs, smoke, or drink alcohol. Here are some simple things you can do now to prevent future family issues:

  • Spend time with your kids by having dinner with them at least once or twice a week. Make it mandatory!
  • Relax with them while watching a movie.
  • Talk to them about their friends and interests.
  • Supervise your children and their activities.
  • Establish standards of behavior. Tell your children what is expected of them in your home.
  • Set positive examples of healthy medication use.

Where to Find Resources & Help is a website dedicated to helping Michigan parents open the doors of communication with their children specifically on the topic of prescription and other drug misuse. The site provides existing resources on a variety of drug-related topics. now has an accompanying free app available for iPhones through the App Store.