Berrien County Community Recycling Events

recycle circle green from Juli 20152018 COMMUNITY RECYCLING EVENTS for household chemicals and electronics are done for the year.

The next local recycling event will be april 2019.

Year Around Options:

Kalamazoo County Household Hazardous Waste Center is available for Berrien County RESIDENTS to use, free, year around. When utilizing the Kalamazoo HHW Center, Berrien County residents must show an ID with an address. Accepted items include household, yard & garden, garage, and workshop chemicals, cleaners, and liquids. See full list of accepted items at the HHW Center website.

Berrien County Recycling Guide: items such as batteries, used motor oil, fluorescent lights, unwanted medications, electronics, and many other items have local recycling options available year around. Click on the Recycling Guide headings on the left side of this page to seek out drop off locations and recycling services.