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DatePress Release
10/26/20Berrien County Trial Court Press Release (PDF)
Plan to Return to Full Capacity - Return to Phase Two
7/27/2020Joint News Release (PDF)
Berrien County Health Officials Note COVID-19 Cases Trending Upward
7/14/2020Health Department News Release (PDF)
Employers encouraged to use the online tool to ensure health and safety for staff, patrons
7/13/2020Sheriff’s Department Press Release (PDF)
In regard to Executive Order 2020-147, wearing of masks in indoor public spaces
6/24/2020Community Development Press Release (PDF)
Applications for Farmland Preservation Program Available
6/24/2020County Press Release (PDF)
Berrien County Board of Commissioners’ Meetings Continue to Be Held Virtually
6/18/2020Joint Press Release #23 (PDF)
Berrien County Extends Local State of Emergency, Re-Opens Facilities in Phases
List of Available County Services During Re-Opening Phases
6/11/2020Sheriff’s Department Press Release (PDF)
Sheriff’s Office Records Lobby Opening by Appointment Only on June 15th, 2020
6/10/2020Health Department News Release (PDF)
Health Department Reminds of the Importance of Preventive Health Care Services
6/03/2020Health Department News Release (PDF)
Health Department Monitoring Potential for Vector-Borne Illness in Berrien County
6/01/2020Joint Press Release #22 (PDF)
Berrien County Provides Additional COVID-19 Data on Updated Dashboard
5/28/2020Joint Press Release #21 (PDF)
Michigan National Guard Assists with Voluntary COVID-19 Testing for Berrien County Jail and Long-Term Care Facilities
5/28/2020County Press Release (PDF)
Board of Commissioners Meeting Canceled
5/15/2020Joint Press Release #20 (PDF)
Berrien County Organizations Provide COVID-19 Response Updates
5/08/2020Joint Press Release #19 (PDF)
Berrien County Departments Collaborate on Reopening Guidance for Workplaces
4/30/2020Joint Press Release #18 (PDF)
New Website Shows Additional COVID-19 Data in Berrien County
4/29/2020Joint Press Release #17 (PDF)
Berrien County Announces Expanded Capability for COVID-19 Testing
4/23/2020EOC Press Release (PDF)
Berrien County Business Join Together to Help out during Pandemic
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4/23/2020County Press Release (PDF)
At the Berrien County Board of Commissioners virtual meeting held today, April 23, 2020, they authorized the Chairman of the Board of Commissioners to submit a letter on their behalf to Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer.
Letter to the Governor (PDF)
4/22/2020Trial Court Press Release (PDF)
Public Access to Court Proceedings – Michigan Supreme Court Administrative Order 2020-6
4/20/2020Joint Press Release #16 (PDF)
Berrien County Encourages Residents to Contribute to COVID-19 Response
4/17/2020Joint Press Release #15 (PDF)
Pine Ridge Focused on Resident, Employee Safety After Identifying COVID-19 Positive Cases
4/13/2020Joint Press Release #14 (PDF)
COVID-19 Illness Cluster Identified at Benton Harbor Long Term Care Facility
Berrien County Officials React to Extension of the “Stay Home, Stay Safe” Executive Order in Michigan
4/09/2020Joint Press Release #12 (PDF)
Berrien County Calls for Volunteers, Donations to Fight COVID-19
4/06/2020Joint Press Release #11 (PDF)
Berrien County Health Officials Urge Commitment to Social Distancing
4/03/2020Joint Press Release #10 (PDF)
4/01/2020Joint Press Release #9 (PDF)
3/31/2020County Press Release (PDF)
Board of Commissioners Virtual Meeting
3/30/2020Joint Press Release #8 (PDF)
Berrien County announces first death due to COVID-19
3/26/2020Prosecuting Attorney Press Release (PDF)
Berrien County law enforcement receives guidance from Attorney General’s Office
3/26/2020Joint News Release #7 (PDF)
Berrien County declares local state of emergency in response to Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) pandemic
3/24/2020County News Release (PDF)
Board of Commissioners Meeting Cancellation
3/24/2020Joint News Release #6 (PDF)
Berrien County COVID-19 Updates
3/23/2020Joint News Release #5 (PDF)
Berrien County Clarified Executive Order 2020-21
3/23/2020Joint News Release #4 (PDF)
Berrien County Officials Emphasize Importance of "Stay At Home" Order
3/23/2020Joint News Release #3 (PDF)
Berrien County Announces Additional Cases of COVID-19
3/21/2020Joint News Release #2 (PDF)
Berrien County Reports Positive Cases of COVID-19
3/20/2020County Press Release (PDF)
Berrien County Announces Service Updates in Response to COVID-19
3/19/2020Trial Court Emergency Essential Operations Plan (PDF)
3/18/2020Health Department News Release #1 (PDF)
Potential Exposure to COVID-19 at March 8th Concert in Berrien Springs
3/18/2020Trial Court COVID-19 Response (PDF)
3/18/2020Health Department News Release (PDF)
Health Department Alters Program Operations in Response to COVID-19
3/13/2020Health Department News Release (PDF)
Health Department Responds to State-Wide K-12 School Closure due to COVID-19
3/3/2020Health Department News Release (PDF)
Health Department Finds Bloodborne Pathogen Exposure at Local Piercing Facility