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Just When you thought you didn't have time to exercise ... 


Check Mark3 If you plan to attend ANY of the BELOW Healthy activities please email, in advance, the designated instructor at the email provided Below.


Cardio Drumming Classes 

Cardio drumming will return on March 12, 2019.Classes will be held every Tuesday and Thursday starting at 5:15 PM on the second floor of the St. Joe Courthouse oroutside when weather permits.


Drum Team

The class is led by Stacey Zabel , Loretta Baker and Judy Phillips

Cardio-Drumming is a workout where you will follow your leaders as they show you a routine for each song. Drumming can be adjusted to work at a level that is good for you. Drumming can be done at high intensity, low intensity or even sitting in a chair for those with leg injuries. What you put in is what you will get out of this exercise experience. Drumming is a good way to relieve stress and leaves you feeling happy!!!           

 *ALWAYS check with your doctor before doing any type of exercise program.*

We do an hour of Cardio-Drumming with one last song of stretching. There is a sign-up sheet each night. Please notify the instructor in advance so we know who to expect and how many people are attending the class.

We want everyone to remember while drumming to just keep moving and more importantly have fun!!! We want this to be a fun and positive experience for everyone involved! We also want everyone to feel welcomed. This is all done with loud music, laughing and if you feel motivated enough, make-up a routine to your favorite song and join us up front to teach it to everyone!!!

Participants will need to purchase the following: 


-Bucket w/rope handles (found at Walmart or Meijer's)

-Exercise Ball (size 65 or larger)

-Set of Drum Sticks (if you need Stacey to purchase a set, get $5.00 to her and she will pick them up)

-A set of hand weights 3 lbs. or less (we will use these for routines and they also hold your bucket in place while drumming)

These items will need to be stored in your work space or car.