Princess Penelope's Royal Blog

Welcome to my page. I am Princess Penelope, the royal BCAC cat. I came to Animal Control in January of 2016 when the humans were still at the old building in Berrien Center. I arrived with my 8 kittens on a cold and wintery day. Let me tell you it was not easy taking care of 8 kids! The kind people of Berrien County had worked hard to have enough money to get all of my kittens, and myself, spayed and neutered. As my kittens found homes (2 even with one of the staff members) I stayed behind. No one wanted me it seemed. I was made pet of the week several times. I still could not find the right home. In June of 2016 we moved to the new shelter, and let me tell you how AWESOME that day was! All of the cats, and myself, could look out windows to the outside, it was clean and smelled so good! The shelter staff was in much better spirits as well. Chief Grimes decided we needed an office cat, an official greeter. They tried several cats out but no one seemed to work. Then one day Carly said "Lets try Penelope, she has been here forever." So out I came into the office and I have stayed ever since! I even celebrate my "birthday" in January when they took me in. So enjoy my antics and all the news of the shelter that I have to share!

ShotClinic 2018

Hi folks! Penelope here. My update for 12-12-17 is please plan on attending our Christmas party here at the shelter on the 23rd of December! We will be having so much fun and I cant wait. All the shelter animals are getting ready and the humans have been decorating like crazy! They tell me that we are in a high need for cat nail clippers and liquid laundry soap. We also use a lot of paper towels (the dogs are seriously messy, unlike my cat friends). Hope to see you all there! 




PS the crazy humans at the shelter dressed me up, I was not impressed!

Here it is 3:00 in the afternoon on the 19th of December, and the staff is busy getting the shelter ready for our big day on Saturday. They tell me that it may be a little snowy but that doesn't bother us! We will have lots of refreshments for the humans who come to see all of us animals. I will be in a safe place for the day, as I have been known to trot outdoors. They say this is bad for me, HAH! I should know what is best right?! Oh well, the animals are all ready for our big day and hope many come out to walk them or take them home for Christmas. Really hoping its a great turn out.

Have a great day!


pen2 I can be found hanging out in the strangest places!

Hey folks! Its the day before our big party! Did you hear my buddy Ethel on the radio this morning? She was on 98.3 and 94.9! She is such a star! Here's to hoping that she gets to go home soon. She looks just like me and of course there can only be one top tiger cat in the building. LOL! Hoping to see you all tomorrow and I hope that my fellow animals have a great Christmas next week.

Merry Christmas!


Penelope here! As I sit back thinking about what the humans have done for all my shelter subjects for Christmas, I just have to say THANK YOU! We received many donated items that we needed here at the shelter. Thank you so much! Chief Tiffany has been organizing and cleaning. I love to get into the supply closet and roam around. Here is a fun picture of me being me and getting into the strangest places!

pen in storage room

Again Thank you for all you did for the shelter in 2017! Many cats and dogs were spayed/neutered in 2017 before adoption! christmas


Have a happy New Year!



Hi gang!

So this just happened, TONY GOT ADOPTED! I could not be happier! Tony has been at BCAC since 6-12-17. The staff has taken a lot of time with Tony and his brother Rudy. They sat for many hours in their kennels getting them used to human touch. The breakthrough came one day and since then they have been in the staffs pockets. Next was introducing them to the public. That was a bit harder. Many people wanted to stop and stare at them, this made them nervous. So our staff kept a close watch on the boys and letting them take breaks when they became to stressed. Rudy found his home in September with one of the staff members. He has fit in perfectly. Now it was Tony's turn. Staff stressed to anyone interested that it was completely up to Tony on who he picked. Well today was the day! Tony now has a big brother (who was also a BCAC adopted dog), a large fenced in yard and will even have sheep and horses to protect! A big thank you to Andrea for coming to see him and providing him with a great home!!


Love Penelope!